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A Remarkable Holiday Recital at San Jose de Buenavista, Antique

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Ang Misyon, Inc together with Consuelo Foundation kicked off the Christmas Holiday on December 20, 2018 with the San Jose de Buenavista Community Orchestra’s very first recital. The orchestra initially began with 22 students and gradually increased to 38, all of which played during their first performance at Delegate Angel Salazar Jr. Memorial School in San Jose, Antique. With the guidance of mentor Federico Frayna, the young orchestra was able to perform six musical pieces which included Christmas songs and a few classical ones.

The audience was filled with the children’s biggest supporters, which include Ang Misyon, Inc, Consuelo Foundation, Department of Education and their parents. Certificates of Recognition were given to the Community Orchestra members, Federico Frayna, John Dumadangon of Consuelo Foundation and Ms. Ma Elena Rivero, Parent Representative, to acknowledge their dedication and efforts.

In order to continue the mission in Antique, Mayor Elmer Untaran has signified his commitment to support the Community Orchestra, as he sees the potential and progress of the children in their music. In addition to those inspired by the youth and their passion, Honorable Dante Beriong, from San Jose’s Office Of The Sangguniang Bayan, a known Filipino composer and music lover himself sparked interest and immediately acknowledged Ang Misyon, Consuelo Foundation and the Orchestra’s young officers. The group was introduced to the Vice Mayor and other members of the local government.

With the warm reception at San Jose de Buenavista, we remain positive that the Community Orchestra will receive the sustainable support it needs in 2019 and beyond, thanks to Ang Misyon’s partners Consuelo Foundation, the parents and local government.

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