Ang Misyon, Inc.

Gerard Salonga joins Ang Misyon as Music Director and Chief Conductor of Orchestras

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Ang Misyon is starting the year 2021 with great hopes and an even sharper focus on its vision. The organization, which supports the less privileged youth through orchestral music training, welcomes Gerard Salonga as its Music Director and Chief Conductor of Orchestras. In recent years, the progressive structure of Ang Misyon’s programs has enhanced the skills of its music scholars through the Beginners Program, Ang Misyon Children’s Orchestra (AMCO) and Orchestra of the Filipino Youth (OFY), with each one elevating the levels of performance respectively.
Gerard Salonga, with his experience and tenure in the field of music, will guide and strengthen the pillars of Ang Misyon’s artistic direction. Gerard is currently the Music Director of ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra (ABSPO) and the Resident Conductor of Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, both of which are established and celebrated musical institutions. Through the years, he has been an active supporter of Ang Misyon with joint concerts between ABSPO and OFY, co-creation of a Fellowship Program for the seasoned members of the youth orchestra, and intermediate workshops for the scholars. Being at the helm of ABSPO and taking over the reins of OFY forges more collaboration as both orchestras fall under the institutional wings of First Philippine Holdings Corporation, First Gen Corporation, and ABS-CBN Corporation.
Gerard is welcomed by the Ang Misyon Team and Board of Trustees, as well as Joshua Dos Santos, who has taken the role of Artistic Advisor. With Gerard’s vision and perspective, an even more accelerated quality and level of excellence in performance is in sight.