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Gerard Salonga joins Ang Misyon as Music Director and Chief Conductor of Orchestras

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Ang Misyon is starting the year 2021 with great hopes and an even sharper focus on its vision. The organization, which supports the less privileged youth through orchestral music training, welcomes Gerard Salonga as its Music Director and Chief Conductor of Orchestras. In recent years, the progressive structure of Ang Misyon’s programs has enhanced the skills of its music scholars through the Beginners Program, Ang Misyon Children’s Orchestra (AMCO) and Orchestra of the Filipino Youth (OFY), with each one elevating the levels of performance respectively.
Gerard Salonga, with his experience and tenure in the field of music, will guide and strengthen the pillars of Ang Misyon’s artistic direction. Gerard is currently the Music Director of ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra (ABSPO) and the Resident Conductor of Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, both of which are established and celebrated musical institutions. Through the years, he has been an active supporter of Ang Misyon with joint concerts between ABSPO and OFY, co-creation of a Fellowship Program for the seasoned members of the youth orchestra, and intermediate workshops for the scholars. Being at the helm of ABSPO and taking over the reins of OFY forges more collaboration as both orchestras fall under the institutional wings of First Philippine Holdings Corporation, First Gen Corporation, and ABS-CBN Corporation.
Gerard is welcomed by the Ang Misyon Team and Board of Trustees, as well as Joshua Dos Santos, who has taken the role of Artistic Advisor. With Gerard’s vision and perspective, an even more accelerated quality and level of excellence in performance is in sight.


Music for a better Philippines

In 2012, Ang Misyon, a non-profit organization, organized the Orchestra for the Filipino Youth (OFY). It believed that social change can be sparked through the learning of orchestral music.

Knowing that there are a lot of talented Filipino youth who want to learn to play orchestral music but do not have the resources to undergo formal training, Ang Misyon through OFY opened the door to make their dreams come true.

Today, OFY has helped over a thousand scholars and continues to provide programs which focus on orchestral training and instrument support. Scholars are also given opportunities to play in local and international performances that help boost their confidence and enhance their skills.

As a form of giving back for the good things they have received as OFY scholars, they now serve as mentors to younger members. This way, they are able to share the values and skills that they have learned from their teachers and peers.

The musicians of the OFY and Ang Misyon


Ang Misyon offers music programs that aim to develop musical skills as early as six years old. At a young age, children are introduced to the world of music and its possibilities, preparing them to eventually progress to professional levels.

The values of commitment, discipline and community are ingrained in their orchestral training, which empowers them to become responsible members of society.

Its programs include the Beginners Program, Ang Misyon Children’s Orchestra and Orchestra of the Filipino Youth (OFY), all of which are evaluated based on various factors such as musical skill and performance improvement.

After seven years, the vision to reach excellence in music for a better Philippines has remained clear.

Ang Misyon president Federico Lopez


To showcase how its scholars have grown in its music programs, the OFY, Ang Misyon’s main performing arm, played classical pieces including Richard Wagner’s Rienzi Overture, Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No.1 “Titan” IV Stürmisch bewegt and original Pilipino music including Ryan Cayabyab’s Kay Ganda ng Ating Musika, Constancio de Guzman’s Maalaala Mo Kaya and Songs for the Youth, a medley of timeless local compositions arranged by Ria Villena-Osorio.

“In Ang Misyon, our scholars hold the key to unlocking the full potential of this movement, and the tangible results we’ve seen so far only inspire us to do more,” shared Federico Lopez, Ang Misyon’s president, as he welcomed the audience to the anniversary concert held recently at Hyundai Hall, Areté in Ateneo de Manila University.

“When we first thought of forming a youth orchestra way back in 2012, there was always one thought that motivated our actions: the power of music to inspire and change lives for the better. For many of us that journey has been a fascinating one but made so much more fulfilling when we see doors of opportunity open in the lives of our young talented musicians,” he said.

“For me, it’s been quite rewarding to see them discover their individual superpowers but then in turn subsuming those powers to build a unified and stronger community by way of an orchestra. Hours of practice on their own and then together are the only ways to accomplish that because you can’t get to excellence without both,” he added.

But Ang Misyon has done more than develop talented young musicians; it has given these young people – as well as their families and communities – a new view of life and of what they can do.

“What they’re also learning at a very young age is that these elements to success apply to every aspect of their lives and it’s a lesson that sends ripples out to their parents, families and less-privileged communities as well. It’s a powerful message of hope and self-determination that’s so needed in today’s world,” Lopez shared.

Part of OFY’s mission is to spread the gift of music  throughout the archipelago. “We’ve always wanted to make orchestral music more accessible to every Filipino, and in the last few years, we‘ve made efforts to reach out to various communities in many cities, towns, and provinces in the hope of fostering the love of music. In so doing, we’ve come across many talented youth, some as young as 10 years old, who now make up the core of the OFY. Their passion and discipline has borne fruit, as their music is now embraced and lauded in both the local and international stage,” he explained.

Conducted by Joshua Dos Santos, OFY’s music director, a few surprise pieces energized the crowd as he engaged them during the show and closed with a standing ovation.

The concert had an attendance of nearly 600, with audiences from music groups such as the UP Symphonic Band, Far Eastern University’s Bamboo Wand, Drum and Bugle Corps, faculty and students of St. Scholastica’s College and Philippine Women’s University.

Fellow members of the music and arts community including Marlon Chen of Manila Symphony Orchestra and Noel Martin of Valenzuela Youth Orchestra showed their support as well.

The OFY at 7 Concert was made possible by the Washington Sycip Family Foundation, Rockwell Land Corporation and BDO.

Its institutional donors First Philippine Holdings Corporation, First Gen Corporation and ABS-CBN are also acknowledged for their support through the years.

For more information, follow @weareofy and on social media.


Originally published: Jennifer Rivera (The Philippine Star) – November 24, 2019 – 12:00am

Youth in treble: Orchestral music nurtures and saves lives


Youth in treble: Orchestral music nurtures and saves lives

First Gen chair and CEO Federico “Piki” Lopez practices with the Ang Misyon scholars. 

Seeing the potential of Filipinos in music, there was an opportunity to raise the level of awareness especially with the youth. Specifically, orchestral music has quite a low traction despite the numerous music groups that exist around the country.

“When we started Ang Misyon in 2012, it was with greater vision that social change would take place through the transformative power of orchestral music,” said Federico “Piki” Lopez, Ang Misyon Inc. president and cofounder.

The First Gen chair and CEO, who also has a personal affinity to classical music, together with Eugenio “Gabby” Lopez, known for his tenure in business at ABS-CBN, and renowned concert pianist Jovianney Cruz, founded Ang Misyon, a nonprofit organization institutionally supported by ABS-CBN, First Gen and First Philippine Holdings. It offers free professional music lessons, instrument support and values formation to the less privileged youth.

Seven years into changing the lives of the musically talented, Ang Misyon already counts 900 scholars. It nurtures the musical skills of children as young as six years old and from there, gradually honing them to be part of the Orchestra of the Filipino Youth (OFY).

Scholars go through a specific evaluation and learning process, working closely with mentors and a music director. They are not only taught methods in music but also values such as discipline, commitment, responsibility and community.

Better performance in school

With the mission to make orchestral music accessible, Ang Misyon reaches out to local communities and children residing as far as Zambales, Bulacan, Batangas, Mindoro and Rizal. The young musicians make their way to weekly music lessons, sectional and orchestra rehearsals with a strong dedication. They are growing a sense of camaraderie and teamwork as a result of their shared passion for playing their instruments. The children are required to be in school, many of them with scholarships through music or band, academics or government grants.

A number of studies have shown a clear correlation when it comes to kids who play an instrument and getting good grades in school. These results connect the improved academic performance to the gained focus and discipline from playing a musical instrument. Incidentally, these scholarships require maintaining a highly satisfactory grade point average, which so far has served as another motivation for the kids to do well.

Pursuing the passion for music

As the scholars progress from Children’s Orchestra to the OFY, it is inherent that they are inspired to pursue a course and eventually a career in music. Part of the vision is to redevelop the local arts and culture scene while giving them alternative career paths. A number of mentors are products of the program and existing OFY members, giving them a source of livelihood as they work their way through school.

Some who are moving on to college level have shown their determination in studying in schools with a conservatory of music and taking on jobs that keep them close to their passion. With their experience in the OFY, they gain exposure in different venues and audiences both local and international. This helps prepare them for industry standards and work ethics, should they decide to become professional musicians.

OFY performs at Katara Opera House in Qatar.

Uplifting lives

Continuing the mission of creating social change through orchestral music, Ang Misyon is focused on working more closely with their existing scholars and potential partner communities. Since majority come from households with low income, access to lessons and opportunities to perform becomes a challenge. Ang Misyon Children’s Orchestra and OFY serve as platforms wherein the musical talent and skills of the less privileged youth are showcased.

“More than a cultural pursuit, Ang Misyon is a powerful social movement to bring about change in the Filipino youth,” Joshua Dos Santos, music director and conductor, said.

To celebrate Ang Misyon’s seventh year, the OFY will have an anniversary concert at Hyundai Hall, Areté, Ateneo de Manila University on Oct. 27 at 2:00 p.m. Admission is free, as a gesture of gratitude from Ang Misyon to its supporters through the years and to reach out to those who may not have easy access to orchestral performances.

Stay updated by following social media accounts @angmisyonph and @weareofy. For more information, you may contact the organization at

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Youth in treble: Orchestral music nurtures and saves lives

Musika at Misyon: A Pre-Valentine’s Concert

The Orchestra of the Filipino Youth (OFY) held their first concert of 2019 last February 9 at the Sun Life Amphitheater in BGC Arts Center, Taguig. A Pre-Valentine’s performance, the repertoire included classic pieces by Wagner, Handel and Schumann and local songs such as Rey Valera’s Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko, which is one of the OFY’s crowd favorite. The concert began with the sunset as backdrop – a perfect setting for an early evening serenade for families, couples and children.

Ang Misyon, Inc. (AMI) is a nonprofit organization that supports the underprivileged children and youth who have passion and talent in music. AMI marked a few milestones that evening. Ang Misyon’s Children Orchestra (AMCO) was officially introduced to the public. This was also the first time the young musicians performed with the OFY. AMCO was conducted by Paolo Imperial, a scholar himself, and the joint performance was conducted by Joshua Dos Santos, the Orchestra’s Music Director. A couple of music pieces were also conducted by OFY scholar Carl Piñon, which concluded the show.

Paolo Imperial, a scholar of the organization’s music program conducts Ang Misyon’s Children Orchestra
Federico “Piki” Lopez of Ang Misyon with his wife, Monina, Benedicto Sison and Alex Narciso of Sun Life Foundation enjoying the Orchestra of the Filipino Youth’s concert at Sun Life Amphitheater

The concert “Musika at Misyon” brings to life the many aspirations of the organization, including the vision of excellence in music for a better Philippines. As a Pre-Valentine’s treat, it combined pieces that expressed the message of love in various ways, breaking the limit that this celebration is only for the romantic and that music indeed brings people together. In the audience were AMI’s key supporters Federico Lopez, President and Co-Founder, the event’s major sponsors Sun Life Foundation represented by Benedicto Sison, Trustee and CEO and Country Head of SLOCPI (Sun Life of Canada Philippines, Inc.), Alex Narciso, President, Sun Life Foundation and SLOCPI (Sun Life of Canada Philippines, Inc.) and Tin Millete, Executive Director of Sun Life Foundation, and Joaquina S. Jamias of WS Family Foundation. Also supporting the event were BGC Arts Center, BPI, BDO, Bonifacio Global City, Bonifacio High Street and San Miguel Corporation.

The Orchestra of the Filipino Youth and Ang Misyon’s Children Orchestra at their joint performance conducted by Joshua Dos Santos
Ang Misyon’s young percussionists having fun while playing their instruments
(Left to right) Carl Piñon, Joshua Dos Santos, Piki Lopez, Paolo Imperial and Benedicto Sison

A Remarkable Holiday Recital at San Jose de Buenavista, Antique

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Ang Misyon, Inc together with Consuelo Foundation kicked off the Christmas Holiday on December 20, 2018 with the San Jose de Buenavista Community Orchestra’s very first recital. The orchestra initially began with 22 students and gradually increased to 38, all of which played during their first performance at Delegate Angel Salazar Jr. Memorial School in San Jose, Antique. With the guidance of mentor Federico Frayna, the young orchestra was able to perform six musical pieces which included Christmas songs and a few classical ones.

The audience was filled with the children’s biggest supporters, which include Ang Misyon, Inc, Consuelo Foundation, Department of Education and their parents. Certificates of Recognition were given to the Community Orchestra members, Federico Frayna, John Dumadangon of Consuelo Foundation and Ms. Ma Elena Rivero, Parent Representative, to acknowledge their dedication and efforts.

In order to continue the mission in Antique, Mayor Elmer Untaran has signified his commitment to support the Community Orchestra, as he sees the potential and progress of the children in their music. In addition to those inspired by the youth and their passion, Honorable Dante Beriong, from San Jose’s Office Of The Sangguniang Bayan, a known Filipino composer and music lover himself sparked interest and immediately acknowledged Ang Misyon, Consuelo Foundation and the Orchestra’s young officers. The group was introduced to the Vice Mayor and other members of the local government.

With the warm reception at San Jose de Buenavista, we remain positive that the Community Orchestra will receive the sustainable support it needs in 2019 and beyond, thanks to Ang Misyon’s partners Consuelo Foundation, the parents and local government.

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OFY at the Season of Wonders in Shangri-la Plaza Mall

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The Orchestra of the Filipino Youth was part of Shangri-la Plaza Mall’s Season of Wonders, a line up of featured musical performances throughout the month of December. The event was held on December 16, 2018 at the Grand Atrium, which gave Christmas shoppers a treat. Led by Music Director and Orchestra Conductor, Joshua Dos Santos, they captivated the crowd with a repertoire that combined both local and international classics, upholding the ground that an orchestra that plays classical music is indeed tasteful, timeless and fun especially during the holiday season.

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Ang Misyon’s OFY Apprentice Orchestra performs for PAAFI

Ang Misyon’s OFY Apprentice Orchestra performs for PAAFI.  Under the baton of Maestro Juan Luis Muñoz, 55 members of the OFY Apprentice Orchestra performed for the scholars of PAAFI last December 9, 2018.  Playing pieces such as Christmas Festival, Grand Parade, Oriental Lanterns, Chamambo and Toy Drummer, the young orchestra regaled the equally young audience with their excellent performance.  OFY Apprentice Orchestra is composed of scholars aged 8-16 years old from various towns of Rizal, Laguna, Bulacan, Batangas and Cavite.

PAAFI or Phil-Asia Assistance Foundation, Inc. has helped over 10,000 children through scholarship assistance that covers transportation, allowance, school projects, school supplies, and uniforms.  PAAFI envisions today’s disadvantaged children growing into well-rounded and responsible citizens of tomorrow.

This is the farewell performance of Maestro Juan Luis Muñoz who served as the Orchestra Conductor of the Apprentice Orchestra for the past 3 years.  Ang Misyon is most grateful for the contribution of Maetro Juan Luis Muñoz!  Thank You, Maestro!

October 2018. Doha, Qatar. First International Tour of the Orchestra of the Filipino Youth.

“More, more!” – our fellow Filipinos shouted as the Orchestra of the Filipino winded down their performance at the Katara Royal Opera House in Doha, Qatar last October 26, 2018.  Maestro Joshua Dos Santos obliged with two more pieces much to the joy of the audience.  The OFY was treated like rock stars as the audience waited for them at the lobby for photos and chats.


A perfect way to cap five-day tour of Doha, Qatar in partnership with the Department of Foreign Affairs!

Following a first performance in May 2018 at the DFA Auditorium, the DFA partnered with Ang Misyon for a 2-performance tour of Doha, Qatar as part of their cultural diplomacy program.  This marks the first ever international tour of the full orchestra since its founding in 2013.

69 members of the OFY, 10 staff and 1.5 tons of instruments left Manila on October 24, 2018 on board Philippine Airlines for a direct flight to Doha, Qatar.


Qatar National Library.  An impressive library that envisions housing 1,000,000 titles hosted the OFY’s first performance in Doha.  An international audience estimated to be 300 saw an international audience of all ages.  OFY’s repertoire was composed of an international selection from Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Austria, Spain and the Philippines.  The OFY is the first Philippine group to ever perform at the QNL which was inaugurated only in April 2018!

Katara Royal Opera House.  Located at the Katara Cultural Village, the Katara Royal Opera House and the Philippine Embassy hosted the gala performance of the OFY where it performed Shostakovich Symphony No. 12 to a capacity audience from the diplomatic corps, Qatar business and Filipino communities.


OFY wishes to thank the Department of Foreign Affairs for making its first international tour possible.  Equal thanks also go to Philippine Airlines, Penshoppe, Rockwell Land Corporation, Jaime V. Ongpin Foundation, First Philippine Holdings and First Gen for their support.

Ang Misyon Brings Their Music to Power Plant Mall

Power Plant Mall Goers were in for a nice surprise last September 1, 2018 when the Orchestra of the Filipino Youth played a short performance at the Mall’s South Court.

The Orchestra played a range of pieces including excerpts from Shotakovich’s Symphony No. 12, to Rey Valera’s Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko. They were met warmly by audiences, many of whom were impressed by the talents of the gifted young musicians.

Ang Misyon would like to again extend our thanks to Power Plant Mall, a good and generous friend to the Orchestra of the Filipino Youth.

Ang Misyon’s Annual Music Camp

Maestro Joshua Dos Santos lifts his hands to signal ready. Surrounding him are 70 members of the Orchestra of the Filipino Youth (OFY,) Ang Misyon’s performing arm for the organization’s orchestral music program. It’s the 7th and final day of their annual week-long music camp and the young members are ready to play Shostakovich’s Sypmhony No. 12, a piece they have studied all week.

There’s a rhythm to the days at the music camp. The OFY Scholars– as the orchestra members are called, begin bright and early at 7 in the morning. After breakfast, they break out into small group workshops designed to foster the sense of team work and discipline required to play in an orchestra. Each day of the music camp, on large sheets of manila paper they answer the question “How are You Feeling Today?” The answers vary, but for every day that the music camp has gone on, the most resounding response is “I’m excited to be here.”

After the small group workshops, the scholars then proceed to small group music sessions. This is where the mentoring aspect of Ang Misyon’s orchestral music program takes place, with the higher-level scholars overseeing the progress made by the younger members of the orchestra. During these group sessions, scholars participate in one-on-one mentoring.

In the afternoon, after lunch and a break for snacks, the scholars then proceed to their sectional rehearsals conducted by mentors who oversee the practices of each orchestra section. Sectional rehearsals are in preparation for orchestra rehearsals where all 70 scholars come together to play as a full-orchestra. Orchestra rehearsals take place for two hours in the evening, after dinner and before bed time. It’s a mini culmination for everything they’ve practiced during the day, and a build up to the seventh and last day of the music camp where the OFY will be performing a short recital to showcase all the things they’ve learned throughout the week.

A first-time participant at the music camp is 13-year old Ernest, a principal Oboe player for the OFY. Ernest is in Grade 8 and he lives in a town in Rizal, a province one hour away from Metro Manila. He has been studying the Oboe for a year with Ang Misyon under the mentorship of Arvin, who is one of the pioneer members of the OFY. Arvin transitioned from becoming a member of the OFY to becoming a mentor of the orchestra in 2016. He is currently majoring in music at the University of the Philippines and has gone on to play professionally for the Manila Symphony Orchestra.

On the seventh and final day of the music camp, Ernest is one of the 70 members of the OFY about to perform Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 5. It’s said to be one of the toughest pieces of orchestral music to play, but after their week-long music camp, the Orchestra of the Filipino Youth performed it with only great ease and mastery.